eclectic arts from Western Canada

LEO .fx tribal electonica

Vince Sanregret & John Armstrong explore new sonic frontiers by combining
sequenced tracks and real time loops of electronic beats, hand drums & bass guitar
with Theremin & didgeridoo.

Vince and John began performing together in the late 90’s with the Stone Merchants and their experimental alter-egos, the Ancestors.  The two bands merged to form SMAC in 2003 and have since released two CDs.  "Vox Populi" (May 1st, 2004) and "Yigi Yigi" (October 4th, 2003) were both produced and engineered by multi-award winning studio owner, Barry Allen at Homestead Recorders.

Quotes on LEO .fx / SMAC:

“Call it world music or out of this world music; exotic or ethereal.  Those terms best describe the sounds that two members of SMAC have been discovering in duo shows at a Whyte Avenue restaurant for the past few weekends. 

If you’ve seen the band SMAC in concert, you might already know Vince Sanregret as a virtuoso of the didgeridoo.  He brings his collection of authentic tuned blow tubes together with various hand percussion in the duo, sometimes using electronics to sample his real-time drumming which then plays as a loop underneath facilitating polyrythmic textures.

Meanwhile, John Armstrong stays busy on electric bass and another more esoteric device, that magical “space age” instrument known as the Theremin… Armstrong reports that using the Theremin in the duo has created so many inquiries from patrons that they had to print up a little information sheet to hand out.

…It’s not about toys though.  Beyond pyrothechnics, the duo are practised players who enjoy the fun of pure improvisation with a choice of fresh, exotic tonalities on hand.
- Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal 08/25/04

"Vince Sanregret's arsenal of didges is the backbone of Yigi Yigi (which, by the way, means didgeridoo) and his diverse talents on the rare axe turn an ancient primitive instrument into a sure-fire groove stick. Instrumental tracks such as "Seven Seas,” "Dr. Spice" and "Hummingbird" — where the didge mimics the sound of the bird — are brave world fusion with break beat drums and often screaming guitars.
- Brent Hagerman, Exclaim 02/02/2004

LEO .fx live at the Winspear Centre 2005