eclectic arts from Western Canada

The Ancestors

Tom Roschkov - electric guitar, erhu, vocals, & percussion
Kelly Pikula - drums & percussion
Johnny Bordeaux - electric bass, Theremin, vocals, percussion, & FX

The Ancestors were formed in 1998 at a time that three long time collaborators were all without working bands.  Armed with a variety of instruments in a dark basement on the north side of Edmonton, Alberta, John, Tom, and Kelly set out to make new, improvisational music.  The result was the The Ancestors.

Their first self-titled recording combined tracks recorded at Grant MacEwan College with esteemed sound technician Colin Lay with tracks from their early basement recordings.  A later follow up album, No Second Takes, combined recordings from Pyramid Studios with live tracks from Edmonton's acclaimed Sidetrack Cafe.

The Ancestors have performed sporadically over the years with a variety of special guests including Eddie Patterson, Brett Miles, Kevin Cook, Kerri Anderson, Tippy Agogo, Kim Glanville, Vince Sanregret, and more.  Their most recent performances have featured special guest Mucha Bee on electric bass (allowing John to spend more time on Theremin).

John and Tom produced several award winning short videos utilizing The Ancestors recordings as audio sources.  Many of their live performances have also included prepared video projections.

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