eclectic arts from Western Canada

As a producer for 30 years, a consultant to international student programs for 25 years, a grants coordinator for 5 years, and a person involved in the arts for 40 years, I've acquired quite a few divergent and overlapping skill sets.  As the world responds to a global pandemic and new economic models need to be developed, I find myself available to explore new initiatives and provide support - should my skills and abilities meet the needs of others.  I may best be contacted by Email:


* defining mandates and objectives

* setting goals and developing strategies

* corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships

* recruitment and employment

* fundraising and grantsmanship

* tax return preparation


* developing short and long term goals

* creating a brand

* social media strategies


* web design and management

* creating print, audovisual, and interactive tools

* archivist: photos, documents, audiovisual recordings


* contract law

* uncontested divorce

* estate management

* minor criminal matters

* court agent (when permissible)


* mediation

* negotiation

* assistance with visa and immigration applications and appeals

* establishing and maintaining networks and relationships

Other Activities

* event planning

* entertainment coordination

* travel and tour coordination

* photography

* proof reading

* fixer

OK, maybe not this kind.  But, hey, we can talk...
For rates and a free consultation, contact
John Armstrong